A Knight's Sorrow

May 23, 2012


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How I miss the lass
With the scarlet hair,
With bubblegum pops,
And smile so fair.

A gaze so enticing,
And arms so warm,
Whose gentle embrace,
A summer’s morn.

My betrothed she’s not,
Nor never be.
Though I wish upon
Of what dreams may be.

Flowers Afar

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A violet flower blooms and shines,
Through winter’s snowy light.
But distance pulls,
And petals fall,
Till the sun does fade away.
Ivy creeps and serpents sleep,
Till my heart does wither weep.

May 18, 2012


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I am far beyond good,
As I am beyond evil,
For I merely am.
I walk one foot in shadows,
And one in light.
The angel that tempts in nightmares,
And the demon that brings joy.
I am Harlequinn.
The jester of the night.

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