A Knight's Sorrow

July 20, 2012

Protected: Cassie? – WIP

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July 4, 2012

Tooth Fairy

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In the dark of nightly sleep,
Do fae of teeth, silent creep.
Crawling out of shadow’s gloom,
To under beds of baby’s room.

Reaching to the childer’s head,
Fae do dream of toothy bread.
All the while, their wings aflutter,
With whispered laughs, they do mutter.

Steely claws that slice and flay,
That tear the child’s flesh away.
From iron maws that bones do crack,
A single child is but a snack.

By morn’s light, they slink away,
Back to twisted lands of fae.
While parents find the shocking scene,
Of Timmy’s corpse, flesh picked clean.

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