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November 29, 2012

Wants and Needs

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Life itself is a rather curious thing. Especially if we look at the differences between “wants” and “needs”. Or more precisely, how mutable “needs” and “wants” can be. How that one thing can flow between different states of being a “need” one moment, to a “want” the next.

More so when we examine those two words when it comes to relationships. Mainly because with relationships, it’s more about just your “needs” and “wants”. That sometimes to exist, your “needs” need to be changed… to be re-prioritised into “wants”. And this is regardless of whatever relationship we’re talking about. With a partner… with a lover… with a sibling… with a close friend. This is because our lives aren’t just defined by ourselves, but how we define ourselves with those we are close about.

Take the example of an unrequited love. (Yes yes, love triangles are cliched… but they are cliched for a reason >.> )

Our tragic protagonist spies a fair maiden across yonder garden, one who is bequeathed to someone else.

At first he sees her sad, and comes to console her, by walking with her in the garden every day. An act that had no more intent than to ease each other’s burdens. Two distant strangers quickly become close friends.

Of course, with such tragic tales, our protagonist falls for the maiden.

He may worry about her every day, and wish he could be the sun that lights her life, and the moon that guides her at night. But as much as he thinks he “needs” her, it doesn’t change the fact that she “wants” the person she is bequeathed to.

Now… three things could happen.

If this was Hollywood, we’d say the protagonist woos the maiden away, and shows her that she really “needs” him. But unfortunately, that’s the jerk thing to do.

Jerk Option B, which happens more often than not, is to just disappear in the night and deny himself the pain of desiring what he can’t have.

The last thing, unfortunately is tragic. For him to realise that his “need” can only ever be a “want”. A desire. A dream. For him to realise that while the maiden may be unhappy at times, just for him to be around makes her happy. That it may not be the way he wished for her to desire him, she none the less “needs” him. As much as he feel likes he “needs” her, as much as he’d like to “need” her… she can only ever be a “want”.

And why must she be delegated to a “need” ? Simply put, that while she may “need” him in her life, but he may not be the person she truely “needs”. He may not be the person she “wants”.

And while some may find it foolish and painful… our tragic protagonist stands by her. Not on some foolish notion that she may change her mind, but because he knows he makes her happy and smile. That he takes the edge off of the pain that we all sometimes feel. And honestly, what are friends for, than to make our pain seem less painful.

November 4, 2012

Of Castles, Coasters and Cards…

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When we are children, we are told that good things come to those who wait. That life is a big fairytale. That, if we are good, we’d get the happy ending we deserve.

When we are teenagers, we are told that the story of fluffy cloud castles was a lie. That the truth is, life is a roller coaster, and it doesn’t matter if you’re good or bad. That regardless of who we are, that there are ups and downs, that there are twists and turns. If we live our lives good, then we’d get off of the ride feeling happy, and if live our lives bad, we’d feel disappointed.

When we become adults, we are told that the carnival of life is a lie. To some extent. There are no rides. No attractions. No vendors selling fairy floss. Like all “good” carnivals, there is a joke at the heart. The joke of life is that the real truth… is nothing but lies. Lies within lies, wrapped in lies and dipped in more lies for that extra lie flavour.

Life is more like cards. Life deals us each a hand. Sometimes those hands are good, sometimes those hands are bad. If we are dealt a good hand, then everything is dandy, unless someone tries to screw you over with a better hand. If the hand we are dealt with is bad, then you’re shit out of luck. Unless of course, you have no issues of lying through your teeth and are willing to screw other people over and hope you draw some good cards or other people fold. But yet our childhood and teenage years tells us that’s not what we’re meant to do.

What we’re meant to do with a bad hand is just sigh, shrug and hope your next hand will be better. But then there’s the times where we are dealt one bad hand after another… and another… and another. Until we get to the point where we wonder if the deck is stacked against us. That after no matter how many hands, and how much we hope, it’s pointless. After all, they do say the house always win.

Yes, you always hear those stories of miracles of self help and positive thinking gurus. But seriously… if they were all true, wouldn’t we all be rich millionaires, with the faithful partner of our dreams, living in some Victorian mansion on our own private island while being served by clockwork spiders.

Maybe if life is a game of cards… then it requires playing it with people, against people. Maybe the secret isn’t about screwing other people over, since that’s just bad sportsmanship. But instead, it’s maybe about not caring what happens and just enjoying it.

Or maybe that’s just another lie to make it easier to accept.

Maybe the secret is to not care. If all the truths we held dear when we were growing up turned out to be nothing but lies, then maybe that is the clear truth. Life is a lie. Love is a lie. To care is to feel pain. While ignorance is happiness.

November 1, 2012

Protected: Trauma

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