A Knight's Sorrow

December 18, 2012

Reflected Pain

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Corrupt and bile from distant lies,
That stoop and stare with empty eyes.
A monstrous man with honeyed tongue,
That clutches upon my beating song.

I cut and slice at fetid flesh,
I hack and slash with baited breath.
Its wounds do open and bleeds about,
Veins so dry, with crimson sand.

It cries and wails like wounded babe,
And babbles about like drunken maid.
I stare into its eyes of pain,
It stares back through mirrored pane.

December 14, 2012

Whispered Gods

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How can I fly with broken wings,
Burdened by my darkly dreams?
Sights I see that make me weep,
With absent eyes and sockets bleed.

Through deafened ears, I hear a sound,
Stir of echoes does surround.
The maddened screams of distant gods,
Plague my waking shadowed thoughts.

Spiders crawl beneath my flesh,
I claw upon my bloodied chest.
With severed tongue and bleeding maw,
Lies I speak, no longer more.

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