A Knight's Sorrow

February 23, 2013

Love Thy Self, Screw Thy Neighbour

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Having dealt with the issues of some of my close friends in the last few weeks, I noticed an alarming pattern. People care too much, and yet at the same time, not enough. The problem… their priorities are wrong.

People are always spouting off that their friends or family or lover or tentacled alien friend, are the most important person in their life.

Now, this might sound rather cynical… but the most important in our lives, should be ourselves. We should be our first priority.

Now I’m not saying that friends and family aren’t important, but we need to make ourselves just as important. The reason being, is if we cannot love ourself for who are, if we cannot be proud of who we are, how can we expect someone else to love us or be proud for us?

We generally don’t expect other people in our lives to make us happy, so why do we take on the expectation that we must live our life trying to please other people? Why do we bend over backward for people and yet complain we’re not happy? The simple fact is, if we’re spending out entire lives trying to please other people on the premise that it will make us happy… we’re not being true to ourselves. Instead, it leaves us open to getting walked on others that will take advantage of our kindness. And in the end, we’re left bitter and empty.

We’ve all got to examine our lives and see what makes us happy. We’ve got to see what we want. To find ourselves. And if we’re not proud of who we are, if we’re not happy with the way things are, we need to change them. I know that is easier than it sounds… but it all starts with a single step. One foot after another, with each step taken with confidence and determination of who we wish to be.

On one final point… and probably the hardest thing about moving forward, is that whether we want to acknowledge it or not, we have toxic people in our lives. People that will taint us. People that wish us miserable so that they can be happy. People that will feed on our misery, like a cancer. And like a cancer, they need to be removed.

Unfortunately, cutting people out in our lives is never easy, especially if we’ve confided in them, hold them close or have had them in our lives for years. But simply, if a person can’t accept the fact that we aren’t happy with our lives and support that we wish to change, but instead want us to stay the same depressed person, what sort of friend is that really? If people really care about us, they’d want us to take a positive step forward, and will be there to hold our hand through the darkness.

So yes… how can we expect to fly on new phoenix wings, when we are held down my steel goblins?

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