A Knight's Sorrow

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People and sites I love and admire:


My Friends

Gemma Boys Photography
A great photographer, and an awesome friend

The Art of Steam
A great resource about the steampunk culture, operated by a good associate of mine, Ramon del Mar



Facebook | VampireFreaks | YouTube
An industrial band, that the members co-ordinate and collaborate across America (that’s right, they don’t live locally to each other). In essence, they’re like the love child of Evanescence and Marilyn Manson.

Psyche Corporation
Official Band Page | Facebook | VampireFreaks | YouTube | BandCamp
A synth rock band that draws inspiration from fairytales, steampunk and cyberpunk genres. It’s the sort of music you’d listen to when robotic angels are wiring your brain into dreamscape, fabricated by mega-corporations that wish to steal your sanity in return for your subservience.

The Birthday Massacre
Official Band Page | Facebook | VampireFreaks | YouTube
Cute. Darkly. Odd. Quirky. That’s pretty much to describe this Toronto based darkwave/synth-rock band.



Follows the story of a few friends, that are an oddball cast… so you know, just like you and your friends. Deals with their daily struggles of life, including and not limited to, being swarmed by catgirls, imaginary sociopathic animals, and costumed heroes. All the social commentary and sarcasm you wanted to say about the world, but were too afraid to voice it yourself.
Updates every weekday

Flaky Pastry
A pinch of fantasy, a dash of sci-fi, with good servings of comedy, action and romance, bake until golden. Top with some the oddest things that have popped up in your RPGs, pop culture and a whole mix of craziness, and you have this.
Updates every Friday

The Zombie Hunters
In a post apocalyptic world, where mankind struggles to exist in a world plague by the walking dead, a team of “heroes” scavenge in the wastelands for supplies and “luxuries” of the world that was. That and not get devoured by zombies, or buried under the politics of the new world.
Updates every Monday and Thursday

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