A Knight's Sorrow

January 23, 2013

My Black Rose

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Moonlight dwells in silent streams,
Echoing of fae time dreams.
In star bound cloak,
Night does creep.
Empty of madness sleep.

Sovereign beasts do approach,
Court of fae, light and dark,
Heeding call from lands afar.
With weeping rose in her hair,
Angel queen, dark and fair,
Robes tinged with violet hue.
Zealous heralds dance around,
Echoes of the angel’s grace.

Reeds and whistles sing her praise,
Of beauty, wit and elven grace.
Smile that vexes with haunting gaze,
Eases through my wayward soul.

January 17, 2013

Angel of The Night

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You are the moon that lights my night.
You are the stars that shines my path.
You are the waters that soothes my soul.
You are the wings that makes me fly.
You are the hand that lifts my heart.
You are the angel that I love.

January 5, 2013


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Colours fade like autumn leaves,
As silence takes the stage.
Sumptuous feast of rotten fruits,
Tempered with spoilt wine.

Weeping heart and bleeding eyes,
Do mourn the loss of love.
As whispered lies rape my mind,
Whiskey numb the bones.

Body aches with waking death,
As lovers shade does moan.
Winding gears to creaking halt
As void now does grow.

August 24, 2012

Azure Rose

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What silent thoughts and water drops,
That dance across the ocean spray,
Of foam and froth and bubble broth,
Do make the silky nereid fae.
But even with their elfen grace,
They naught compare to a single rose,
Whose petals bloom of ethereal tunes,
That makes the hardy devils weep.
And I who ache for feathered touch,
From my flower gilded blue,
That paints my heart a scarlet hue.

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